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The Must-Have Guide to Business Brokers

If your business is anticipating future capital expenditures, buyers may be more concerned with EBIT. Accompanying our valuations are our Broker Opinion of Value reports, outlining and analyzing the company’s qualitative and quantitative characteristics. Head to Peterson Acquisitions now to get an accurate valuation for your business in 24 hours. Generational Group makes no representations whatsoever about any other web site which you may access through this one.

  • With this data, you’ll learn more about how your business is doing compared to competitors in multiple ways, including the cost of goods sold, labor costs, growth, and more.
  • When you’re speaking to them about selling your business, they listen to what you’re saying and understand what your needs are.
  • If you run a company in South Florida, you need a broker who’s based in South Florida.
  • Moreover, the right broker is proactive and recognizes that listing the business is only part of the process, which only ends when the business is successfully sold.
  • Whether you represent an acquisition-minded corporation or are personally interested in owning your own company or new franchise.

Our value add is knowing what buyers are looking for, and how to market each business in a unique way, highlighting its strengths. As such, they understand your concerns and considerations better than many who work in this industry. They can approach a business purchase from your perspective and ensure that your needs are met every step of the way. Since they have been through the same challenges that you are facing, they can help you avoid some of the common issues and ensure that you don’t make any mistakes during this process. Some businesses that are for sale seem fantastic on the surface but have hidden issues that a new buyer may not uncover.

Look For a Dedicated Business Broker

A good indicator of their skills is to check the percentage of businesses they have managed to sell out of the ones they have tried to find buyers for. Once the broker’s track record has been assessed, it is worth selecting one with the relevant expertise in your field. Gauging buyer intent – Brokers are great at quickly ascertaining whether a potential business buyer is serious or not. Drawing in Buyers – Aside from the brochures, business brokers also have the know-how and contact to entice buyers. The established brokerages have vast databases of potential buyers and can send out business-for-sale alerts to their contacts when there is a new business listing.

How to Choose a Business Brokerage Firm

Some business brokers will make you feel like you need to hire them immediately. That, if you don’t, you could be missing out on some big sales opportunities. If you feel that the business broker is putting pressure on you, they’re being unprofessional. Like part-time business brokers, a full-time one will only charge you between 10% to 15% on commission of what they sell your company for.

Looking for Business Brokers Near Me?

However, keep in mind that the fees a full-time business broker charges shouldn’t be extremely high. Many brokers in your area will be on websites such as Google Maps and Yelp. Even if a business broker has all the right certifications and years of experience, one of the best ways you’ll know if they’re good at their job is that they have a good reputation. how to start a broker business The best business brokers have the right accreditations and experience. The most important of these accreditations are the M&A Source Accreditation and the IBBA Accreditation. Many of these people will have worked with business brokers in the past and will be able to put you in touch with someone who has served home improvement businesses before.

How to Choose a Business Brokerage Firm

However, because they work part-time, they have less experience than someone who works full-time. If you’ve found the top business broker but they’ve only served large businesses and yours is a small one, they won’t be able to help you. They need to have worked with landing sales of smaller businesses, and they need to know buyers interested in small businesses, too. You should speak with your lawyer, accountant, industry peers, and any associations in your industry about business brokers they recommend.

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Murphy works with companies of all sizes, including sales of small businesses, machinery and equipment, commercial real estate, and franchises. If you want help with negotiation, finding buyers, determining a strong valuation, and filing the proper legal documents, you may find it beneficial to use a business broker. You’ll also get to continue focusing on your business operations and hand off most of the tasks around selling your business. Brokers don’t just help with the back and forth; trusted business brokers can also tell you if your offer is at a reasonable market rate for your specific industry or location.

How to Choose a Business Brokerage Firm

The way the auction gets run is designed to attract multiple buyers and create a bidding war for your business. If you’d like to learn more about our approach, speak to our advisors on how we guide you through every step of a sale. When you believe you’ve found someone that meets your conditions and demonstrates strong expertise and experience, you can feel more positive about your chances of securing an optimal deal. Our managing partner, Jim Moran, wrote a widely-praised piece on the pros and cons of working with a business broker for

How to Choose the Best Business Broker: 8 Essential Qualities to Look For

You must also learn more about your business broker’s credentials before you hire them to work with your company. In some states, you don’t need to be licensed in order to sell a business. And while business sales are confidential, after the deal is done most happy clients are quick to share the good word about their experience with their advisors on social media. Great business brokers or intermediaries invest in their education and their careers and that often translates into credentialing. There are many credentials that business intermediaries can achieve, but some of the most respected ones include the CBI, the CM&AP, the CM&AA, and the M&AMI. There are many others, so be sure to research any credential by going to the credentialing bodies that provide them.

How to Choose a Business Brokerage Firm

This is an alternative to a flat commission rate that other business brokerages use. Both are equally viable, but it is worth checking with any prospective broker as to what system they employ so you know what to expect. Through their experience of the steps involved, a business broker should form a strong relationship with their client to ease any burden and keep them focused on the goal.

They Are Professional

They have over 1400 active brokers and their website claims they have more business listings than all the other competitors combined. You’ll most likely want to look for brokers who have gone the extra step to certify their business. Read on to discover why you may want to use a business broker and how to make sure you pick the right one for your business and financial goals. With so many important steps to navigate, it may help a business owner to have someone by their side who has been in their situation many times. Keep reading this article for the top factors to consider when choosing the right business broker.

Protect confidentiality

Intermediaries know the business buyers in the market and can be on site for buyer/owner meetings. They also know local licensing laws and have deal partners such as bankers and attorneys who can facilitate the closing of a transaction. According to previous IBBA’s MarketPulse Surveys, more than fifty percent of businesses that sell for under $1M are purchased by buyers within 20 miles. The pattern shifts as deals get larger, and it’s only for deals valued in the $2M-$50M range that more buyers come from farther than 100 miles than within 20 miles. Follow these tips to choose a broker with the skills and experience to sell your business in the shortest time frame for the highest price. Whether you want to sell or buy a tech company, a professional technology business broker can be an extremely helpful guide.

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