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On the road that leads to Körtövés, along the Vârghiș Gorge, Vârghiș Stream flows purling. During the hot summer days, many people like to swim in its cool waters and to listen to the sounds of the forest, while others recharge with energy pursuing their hobby – fishing. If our ancestors used to fish mainly to obtain food, nowadays, a lot of people do it as a competitive sport – competing to catch the most valuable, rarest, most beautiful and largest fish. In this area, you will generally catch trout, but in Vârghiș Stream you might even catch a burbot, which is a rarity indeed.

Cast-iron kettle cooking / grilling

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Körtövés offers not only opportunities to relax, but also to eat or even cook. If you are interested in this, an excellent choice would be the outdoor cooking area that is equipped with a traditional space for fire making, where you can cook tasty food in the cast-iron kettle or you can even have a barbeque.

Adventure park

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We believe that not only kids, but also adults need a bit of fun and play. If you are interested to test your skills in a thrilling adventure park, you will have the opportunity to do it here. The park represents a challenge both for the beginners and for the more advanced participants. Thus, you can test your courage and endurance on our trails that have three different levels of difficulty and are equipped with elements of various degrees of difficulty.

The red trail is located at a height of approximately 1 meter and the users must meet the following requirements:
• Age: min. 2, max. 12 years old
• Height: between 90 and 140 cm
• Weight: between 12 and 40 kg

The purple trail is located at approximately 3 meters of height:
• Age: between 8 and 75 years old
• Height: between 120 and 165 cm • Weight: between 25 and 75 kg

The blue trail is located at approximately 7 meters of height:

• Age: between 14 and 75 years old
• Height: between 150 and 200 cm
• Weight: between 45 and 100 kg


(Free of charge in case of booking)

In our facility, which provides the atmosphere of the old villages, we focus not only on the comfort and entertainment of the adults, but also on that of the kids. Körtövés has a lot of safe equipment that our small guests can enjoy on the playground – swings, climbing frames, fortress-type playing areas, slides, small wooden houses and a sandbox.

Hikes in Transylvania

A sunny beach can be refreshing, but so can a small and quiet mountain village that offers a magnificent view. A hike in the forest can be a great way to relax, because everything here is untroubled, even though the region has numerous new and exciting attractions. Here, you will find the perfect places for hikes on hidden paths, among trees and shrubs, sided by clearings and a stream with crystal clear water.

Hikes across the gorge

Vârghiș Gorge is located 13 km away from Vârghiș Village and 6 km away from Körtövés and is one of the most visited karst areas in Transylvania. The valley measures 5 km in length and is mainly renowned for its caves, which have constantly formed specific cave systems ever since the ice age. The best choice you can make is to go and discover this place for yourself, as it is one of the most wonderful natural attractions in Transylvania and Szekler Land. Besides, from the 30 species of bats that are present in Romania, 17 can be found in Vârghiș Gorge.

Cave visiting

One of the best-known stone hallows in Vârghiș Gorge is the Almási Cave, which measures 1.5 km in length (also known as the Balázs Orbán Cave, the Nagy Cave and the Homoródalmási Cave), but apart from it, there are many others. On the way to the cave, on the territory of the natural reserve, you should also visit Csudálókő Cliff, the Lócsűrt Cave and the Csala Tower, the latter being associated with one of the best-known local legends. It is also important to note that the Almási Cave can only be visited in the company of a tourist guide.

Horse riding

The duration of the horse riding is one hour. Location: Körtövés and its surroundings.

Cliff climbing

Throughout the Vârghiș Gorge there are many rock formations. Decades ago, they were simply admired by the visitors, but nowadays their use for sports purposes has become highly valuable. More and more mountain climbers seek to test their strength, knowledge and courage on the steep cliffs of the gorge. Therefore, you can often see professional and beginner climber during your hikes. Would you like to try?

Bear Watching

The bear observatory in Kuvaszó is located 8.5 km away from Filia, in the quiet valley of Tiatal-Kuvaszó, at mid distance between the Villa of the former communist president Ceaușescu and the Almási Cave, at an altitude of 650 m. The observatory and the small clearing in front of it are surrounded by a dense fir forest and old beech trees that rise up to the sky like silver candles. Depending on the weather and the season, the area of the observatory is visited by various species of animals every day, from wild birds, to small and large game. There are woodpeckers, songbirds, birds of prey, furry predators, large predators and cloven-footed animals. All of these make the visitor’s experience unforgettable. During the observation sessions, the experienced personnel ensure proper safety and provide professional explanations. The bear observatory has had a long history of bringing joy both to children and to young and elderly visitors. It's easy to get to the bear observatory, therefore even people with motor disabilities or limited mobility can enjoy it.

It’s also good to know that:

• the observation sessions last around 2-3 hours and are usually organised late in the afternoon and in the evening;
• for small groups we can also offer accommodation, as wild animals can be observed at night as well, using solar lamps;
• the observatory can comfortably fit 5-8 people;
• the observatory is insulated and it can be heated regardless of the weather and season;
• clothing: it is preferable to wear dark-coloured jackets made from a non-rustling material;
• we advise against the use of perfumes or other odorous substances;
• you might need: binoculars, a camera, a mobile phone;
• there is no WiFi, no signal, only nature;
• you can observe the animals up close, in a safe manner, through the lens in the special photo booth.

Esztena visit

An esztena is a type of lodging farm, or pasture, where the esztena house stands. This is where the shepherds move to during the season, who are engaged in milking, grazing sheep and cows. If you're curious about what life is like on the esztena, away from the noisy cities, then join us as we not only let you browse, but also taste the freshly made orda and cheese.

Via ferrata

Via ferrata is a mountain route with pre-installed ladders, stairs, bridges and metal cables to help you make progress. It is important to know that a via ferrata requires hiking practice, physical fitness and proper equipment. The routes vary in terms of difficulty, so beginners, advanced and expert climbers can all take part in the hike. As these routes often lead to high altitudes, overcoming fear of heights is an essential part of this kind of hike.

ATV and UTV tours

Experienced tour guides will show you the highest and the most spectacular locations in the area. The duration of the tour is 1 hour and 30 minutes.